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China is the most populated country in the world besides it is growing and evolving with time. The Chinese government is promoting education and have pledged to enroll 500000 international students in top-notch universities by 2020. This has opened various options for studying in china for many students in India.

Capital City
Native Language
Standard Chinese (Mandarin)

Why study in china?

  • Chinese culture is rich and has so much to explore. It is the land of great wall of china. Students can easily find a lot of options for studying and job in china. 
  • The only challenge comes with china as a country to study is language as most of the courses are in Chinese. Students have to learn Chinese to study and get settled in china. 
  • China offers a lot of post graduate options as well. From bachelor’s to Ph.D, students can find  best institutes with exceptional curriculum to offer great learning opportunities to them. Majority of Chinese institutes offer education which are run by government. Six Chinese universities rank in QS World University Rankings. The highest and most renowned is Tsinghua university which holds 25th rank in the list. 
  • To attract more international students to come and study, Chinese government is also offering scholarships to make it pocket-friendly for students. 
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