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About Us

SAARTHI - The name of Lord Krishna, creator of Bhagvad Geeta - The Bible of Hindu mythology, companion of Arjuna the warrior of the great battle of Mahabharata in the ancient age in India, is the driving force behind SAARTHI GROUP OF COMPANIES engaged in the field of Education, Media and Advertising since last 33 years(1983) in the most developed and rich state of Gujarat.

Saarthi Education Foundation – India’s one of the leading Foreign Education consultant and facilitator based at Rajkot, has a successful track record with a credential of admitting more than 2000 students to peruse different courses in the field of Medical, Applied and Para medical, Engineering (All Branches), Business Management, Applied Arts and so on, in the countries like China, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, UK & Other European countries.

SEF's qualified and dedicated staff consult you with ample time, makes all points clear and solve all your quarries regarding every factor of student life which may come during entire course duration. We provide required information in prospectus also enabling you to have very near look to university and other details. Thus SEF is your one and final step solution to open world of Foreign Education.


Our mission is to spread our wings in every corner of India and grab eligible and needy students to pursue education abroad. This is how we want to benefit our students with the best possible opportunities to achieve their carrier goals...


We visualise to provide Indian students get world level education in top and popular universities and benefit with their knowledge, skills and expertise to the community they live and work with in their future...