Our Services

Our Services

At SEF, we provide 100% services right from application to food and accommodation throughout your course duration. This is the reason why SEF is the most popular Foreign Medical Education Consultancy among Indian students. We shall give you access to quality education by providing you with information packages on courses, fee structures, funding assistance, eligibly requirements and student visas. We will help you make an informed decision and provide step by step guidance through the application process once you have decided on your career choice.

  • Counseling

    At SEF, our qualified professionals know student psychology and requirements. We counsel you to choose best suitable country and university considering your potential, academic performance and other factors. This will satisfy you that you have make the best decision.

    While you are leaving home for studies for the first time, there might be end number of questions in your mind. We have answers to all your questions and through our counseling, student gets well prepared to face new challenges and environment. However, we try to create comfort zone for you at every level as we know your attachment towards your homely environment. We make sure that when you leave from India, you will be well equipped and well informed by our counselors.

  • Application and admission

    It's medical collage education in foreign university, while applying there are always hidden doubts in mind regarding filled information. Our expert team guide you about documents, form filling, submission etc. In fact our team takes care of submission of form and initial fees payment to secure your admission, not only that, as soon as we receive admission letter, you are immediately contacted and guided for further processing.
  • Visa and Ticketing

    Once your admission gets confirmed, we immediately need to apply for visa and arrange tickets. We collect necessary documentation for visa processing from you, process and avail visa and tickets. Thus we make it simple for you.

  • Settling Downs

    In a new country when you land, you might have many unconformities, however, our team will always be there to pick you up from the airport and take you to the destination. Also, within your university, our team makes you familiar with different departments, have your introduction to professors and other concerns, and make you comfortable with the new environment. Thus we make you completely settle for your new life. Also we take care as to get you Indian food and in some campuses where mess facilities are inadequate, we make arrangements for Indian food and accommodations to make students comfortable. Also in some universities, where students are not comfortable with English, lectures are also arranged in Hindi upon request.

  • Exams

    Apart from admissions and other facilities, we care for student's future also, as students have to clear exams like MCI or USMLE etc. preparation of which is taken care by collages as well as our representatives also keep check on the same. Likewise we make sure that after studies, you become eligible for internship and practicing. We shall also provide complete support for Post Graduation.

  • Financial Aspects

    When studying abroad, for long duration, there are several financial requirements such as monthly bills for food, periodical fees payment and other essential requirements. We as your consultant, are very much conscious about the same. To overcome this issue, we open up an account on student's name through which parents can pay fees directly to the university and can deposit expenditure amount for the ward. Also, students get ATM card for safety and ease of their transaction requirements.

  • Safety and Security

    We are very much concerned and careful about our girl / boy students as safety and security is the biggest concern for their parents as well as for us. Though every university has their own security and strict safety rules, we as their local guardian, take personal care about their safety and security as we mean each of our students are our personal responsibility. And to assure this, in most of university places, we have our own overseas offices and staff to take care of students who are available round the clock and just one phone call away. Also they frequently visit the campus and meet our students to take care of them. if any student has any problem, they make sure to resolve it immediately and all reports are sent to us as well as to parents. This is how, we can assure all students and their parents regarding safety and security.